Friday, October 2, 2015

Windows 10 market share increased slightly in September Windows 7 is still the boss

New statistics show that the market share, Windows 10 September market share has improved, the market share of 7.63 percent, the highest level since July release. Windows 10 is now the fifth most commonly used operating system on the desktop, win 7 key the good news is that it has gone beyond the internal Windows 8 3.29 percent worldwide market share. On the other hand, Windows 7 without fear of Windows 10, its market share in the desktop Windows 7 key operating system which is still ranked first, the market share of 52.57%, which means that on a global scale, there is one computer per two computers run Windows 7 operating system. Surprisingly, Windows XP still has a 9.48% market share. Although starting in April 2014, Microsoft no windows 7 key sale longer provides updates and security patches as WindowsXP, but now it seems, Windows XP users do not value security. OS X ranked fourth, the market share was 8.63%, Windows 8 market share of only 3.26%. Microsoft for the Windows 10 set in 2017 by 10 million units installed equipment, therefore, Windows 10 must continue to increase market share in the next few months.

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