Sunday, October 25, 2015

Microsoft Office 10 magic of 2016

ZD ZDNet CIO and Application Channel October 19 Rubric: September 22, 2015, Microsoft released to the public Microsoft Office 2016. At first glance, you probably will not notice much of a change from Office 2013 to the present. But when you go in-depth look, you will find some interesting, different from the productivity increase. Over the years, we have been committed to a lot of benefit from cloud office 2016 key computing, Microsoft Office 2016 is an attempt to honor these commitments. It is designed to meet one of our cloud-based, mobile-ready productivity suite can and should be what to expect. Only time will tell us whether Office 2016 will really deliver on these benefits, but the initial comment was hopeful. The following is the Microsoft Office 2016 to become ten things than you ever needed productivity suite. 1, real-time co-authoring For many Office applications, co-authoring already exist for quite some time, but for Office 2016, now co-authoring can be a real time. This means you can see your partner is a Word document or PowerPoint presentation on what operation is being performed - in turn, they can see what you're doing, and even this is where you are or what device is irrelevant . 2, OneNote notebook Share Microsoft Office OneNote is one of the most useful applications, and one of the most applications are not aware of. Office 2016 allows you to share a OneNote notebook with as many people. Because OneNote supports text, images, worksheets, e-mail, almost any document type you can think of, it can be committed to working with a project team resources, if they know how to use it, then. 3, simplified document sharing Office 2016 simplifies the sharing of documents, added a share button to the upper right corner of Office applications. Click on this button, you can click a button to share your documents with your contact list to anyone. You do not even have to leave the document can be operated. It sounds pretty simple. 4. Smart Accessory If you're like me, almost every Windows 7 key day to send e-mail attachments. In previous versions of Office, add attachments to e-mail you need to navigate to the document saved. In Office 2016 you can still do it, but if the request for the document that you recently visited, it will appear in a list in Outlook can be shared document. Essentially, Office 2016 gives you retain the most recently used popular content in the list. 5, Outlook functions of Clutter And like most of us, you may have to receive a lot of emails every day. View Outlook Inbox to set the priority of each message is take some time, so you can not stay productive. Office 2016 to your inbox added a new category for shunting your toolbox called Clutter. You can specify a particular e-mail as a lower priority in the future similar to e-mail, will be automatically deposited into the Clutter Outlook folders. So now your e-mail will have four categories: important, Clutter, trash and deleted. 6, better version history Collaboration and creativity could be a messy process, share documents over time buy office 2016 key there will be a significant change. Office 2016 to make up for the possible lack of ideas, to preserve the historical version of the document, and can be called directly from the Office application, found in the historical part of the File menu. 7, Excel icon in a new type of Excel icon by data visualization, which has been a popular Windows 7 key and powerful. However, a list of available previous versions of Excel icon type requires updated. Office 2016 templates list added several new types of icons, including waterfalls flow, which is a great icon type, if you want to track the stock market, then. Other new icon type also include tree diagrams, histograms, Pareto, Box and Whisker and Sunburst. 9, Power BI During the release of Office 2013 and Office 2016, Microsoft has put a lot of time and money spent on acquisitions to strengthen its vendor business intelligence and analytical applications. Power BI is a powerful analytical tool, is now bundled with Office 365 subscription. Understand the business operations of every little detail, it is vital that information, Power BI can give you all of these. 9, Delve Delve is another new tool bundled with Office 365 subscription. The best way to office 2016 key sale describe Delve is the ability to let you access you have created, shared, or use Office 2016 for joint central location. This is another list of items recently used, this version of the list is stored only in the cloud - so you can access it using Office 365 Portal in any place on any device. 10, purchase options Office 2016 can only be provided to the user as an order. Even if you buy the boxed version of Office 2016, you must have an annual subscription, but with one exception. If you purchased Office Home & Student 2016 boxed version, you can get a one-time payment based on the cost of 149.99 Office applications. Microsoft is fairly certain that the most economical way is to order Office 365, including Office 2016 and all cloud services. Apps consider ordering one of 365 for Business Office. This will also be your most affordable option.

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