Monday, August 31, 2015

Little question the official version of Mac under Windows 10 Experience

Yesterday, Microsoft officially released the Windows 10 operating system, Windows 10 also free way to upgrade Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1 users a push. If you are not legitimate users (using various activation software activation system), now might be a good opportunity for a free whiten. If you are a Mac user, before using the Mac to install or upgrade Windows 10 may wish to look at this article, we encountered some minor problems in the course of the following and share. Since this test machine (released early 2015 MacBook Pro 13) is not installed in the Windows operating system, so we use the formal version of the system image complete the installation. Windows 8 is no difference with the previous installation, OS X Boot windows 10 key Camp make good use of Windows 10 boot disk and save Windows after the restart to support software installation interface, you need to allocate a good disk reformatted to NTFS format before you can proceed with the installation. There the entire installation process in two steps to enter the key, you can choose to skip the first, but the second must enter a KEY, we use the secret key assistant Tencent upgrade offer successfully installed Windows 10 operating system and into the desktop But the system has not been activated, or if you want to activate the system requires the use of secret key or other activation provided by Microsoft. Considering we just test the use of, so here is also not in-depth study. Then install the Windows Boot Camp provides support software, in theory, windows 10 key sales can restart after normal use operating system. After the restart using the Windows Device Manager to view the machine's hardware, all hardware drivers are already installed and working properly. But there are two points less than perfect, ready to install Windows 10 on your Mac users need to take note. Although all of the drivers have been installed, but 10 under the MacBook Windows Pro does not support (HDMI interface is not tested) DP interface, multi-screen output, Windows can not detect the monitor has been connected to other, presumably driven problem. Before you install Windows 8 test is not the issue. Use the Windows Device Manager integrated update feature to update the graphics driver after driver problem solving, recognized as a normal graphics card Iris 6100. When entering the operating system setup user accounts we first set up a local account without a password, when we log on the Microsoft account and try to change the administrator account for the Microsoft account Huna the user interface, Windows prompt us to enter the local accounts password, but our local account password is not directly point to determine can not be skipped, enter any character is not a password. The third problem encountered in my experience is that Windows trackpad gestures under windows 10 key 10 can not be activated. Windows 10 introduced a number of convenient trackpad gestures, such as three fingers slipped minimize all active windows, the plan to restore the window; you can also use three fingers draw activate Task View interface; three fingers left and right stroke stroke switching applications. The trackpad gestures and OS X is very similar to the experience in the previous meeting we had on Surface Pro 3 successfully implement these functions, but the Mac can not breath these features, presumably the reason remains a driver problem. But the problem we seem to only wait for Apple to solve

Friday, August 28, 2015

Piracy Genuine activation code can not be trusted to select the most assured Win7

Insiders believe that these hackers completely cracked activation or Microsoft's Genuine Software Licensing System --- and this is quite difficult, Microsoft will promptly plugging loopholes; or is activated through illegal channels, available from Microsoft's internal yards. According to reports, in order to combat windows 7 key piracy, Microsoft's anti-piracy measures started from 2008. As long as users use pirated Windows operating system, the computer network, the system prompts the user to enter the serial number of genuine software, also known as activation, otherwise the operating system some of the features will be disabled, it will directly affect the user's normal use. In these shops, most stores are described in said activation is unique and can only be activated on one computer, and some also claim unlimited activated on the same computer, which with genuine system activation mechanism is consistent a. The user who had the buying experience, said, These keys cheap windows 7 key can indeed be networked activated, but when reinstall the system, the activation code may no longer use, can only buy or use another hack again. Therefore, using these activation code and can not really be assured, and even if the system is shown as genuine authority, in fact, when the system encounters against and cause data loss, etc., and Microsoft can not enjoy the same service as genuine. Microsoft Windows 7 system on a version for personal consumption into Windows 7 Home Basic, the lowest of Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, genuine prices have more than two hundred yuan, while the Ultimate price It is as high as two thousand yuan, which for many domestic users, is spending a small fortune, so only the activation space pirate to survive, and in particular the pursuit of domestic users Ultimate, Home Basic Edition is mainly pre-installed on computer sales, when users buy a computer, it is possible to turn the pre-installed genuine system to replace pirated Ultimate. The other is some users do not know their computer is genuine system installed, when system problems, or when you want to use Microsoft services, will find themselves Win7 system is not genuine, for damages also regret late. So, here we also recommend you first select the genuine Win7 system, and through the windows 7 key sale official Microsoft Genuine validation. Do not believe the so-called activation code online sales, thus experiencing the collapse of the system, and even cause damage to property at the time of the transaction, there is no person responsible for it. If you are planning to buy a computer, we must recognize there is genuine Windows 7 marked on the computer, and do not believe the business called free upgrade to other versions. Microsoft in the summer combines many domestic businesses to offer promotions, but also for many consumers to benefit needy students can now go to your nearby store to consulting, such as Suning, the US commitment, paraelectric, Hongtusanbao like, or Like students can go online shopping Jingdong Mall, New Egg Network and other purchase, Microsoft is still the official Microsoft site to establish a flagship store, Jingdong Mall address Microsoft's official flagship store is: http: //sale.360buy.c New Egg China Microsoft official flagship store address: Another good news is that later this year from June 2 to 31 January 2013 pre-installed Genuine Windows 7-based PCs, you can Win8 released until after the February 2013 online exchange and purchase upgrades Offer 28 days ago just 98 yuan will be able to have Win8 Pro edition. The upgrade program can access detailed Jingdong Mall (, understanding and participation in activities Windows 8 Upgrade Offer.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Windows 10 对 data show little impact PC sales

Two complementary market analysis report indicated PC market is still in a state of madness shrinking, even Microsoft's recently launched Windows 10 system still can not change the weak market situation. According to the latest data released by IDC forecast shows that in 2015, including desktop and laptop devices shipped 281.6 million units, compared to the same period last year fell 8.7%.
Although IDC previously expected second quarter 2015 will be the transition of the market, along with the release of Windows 10 system the major manufacturers have chosen to focus on introduction of relevant new products in the second half of this year. Still in the second quarter of final shipments are still far below expectations, mainly because the first few quarters retailer also has a huge backlog of inventory and depreciation of the dollar to other currencies with varying degrees of influence. Besides the United States Peak Pacific Securities (KeyBanc technical analysis group) into the first line, if released to the 29 large retailers consulting Windows 10 system to PC sales have improved, in particular, and in 2009 launched Windows 7 systems do horizontal comparison. Peak Securities said: From our point of view visits release Windows 10 systems for inventory and PC sales has a subtle influence, but influence significantly smaller than Windows 7, but is superior to Windows 8.
Thus, Microsoft's pre-summit security equipment and consumer revenue growth rate will reach 14 percent, but from the point of view the entire fiscal year will decline 6%.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Upgrade Windows with only a product key

If you bought Windows 8.1 or Windows 8, you can download and install Windows from this page using just your product key. You'll have the option to install Windows now, later, or using media with an ISO file.
Before you begin:
  • Make sure you’re on the PC you want to upgrade. If you're updating to Windows 8.1, this PC must be running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 Preview. If you already have the latest version of Windows 8 installed on your PC, you can update to Windows 8.1 in the Windows Store for free.
    If you're upgrading to Windows 8, this PC must be running Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (SP3), Windows 8 Release Preview, Windows 8 Consumer Preview, or Windows Developer Preview.
    Windows Setup checks that your PC meets all system requirements before it installs Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.
  • Have your product key handy. You can find it in your online order info, in the confirmation email for your purchase, or on the DVD packaging. The product key is a 25-character code that looks something like this:
  • Make a backup of everything you want to keep. Save it somewhere you can get to it later, like an external drive or a DVD.


  • Don't format your hard drive before installing Windows. Your current version of Windows must be running when you begin installing Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.
When you’re ready, tap or click Install Windows 8.1 if you have a Windows 8.1 product key, or tap or click Install Windows 8 if you have a Windows 8 product key.


    • If you can't find your product key, check your online order info, confirmation email, or DVD packaging. For more info, see What is a product key?
    • If you're having trouble activating Windows, see Why can't I activate Windows?
    • You can't use Upgrade Assistant to upgrade from a 32-bit version of Windows to a 64-bit version of Windows. You’ll need to buy a Windows DVD to upgrade, but you won't be able to keep your files, apps, and settings.
    • If you receive an error message that says "We can’t connect right now," you might be able to complete the installation by creating installation media.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Windows 10 official version is coming! Xiaobian months trial experience

Windows 10 on at 21:00 on July 29th officially released the whole, small honor to participate in the conference, Microsoft China station. Entire conference, over the past few serious technology range of children, not the technology have to explain, but more than a practical demonstration of some life, the novelty of it all so that everyone in the venue are involved in, the whole scene has become an instant a carnival Party-- competition driving skills to play the game, molested Huna, try to take the prize ...... throughout Windows release are quite relaxed and happy. However, Windows 10 is always Windows 10, Windows' history as the greatest generation, she deserves us to understand. It is called the "next generation Windows XP" of Windows 10 itself has to look forward to the unique charm. From the data after a single, Windows 10 released 24 hours, the number installed on rapid soared to 14 million. Within a few days time Windows 10 became the world's fifth largest operating system, far more than in the past, it became the history of Microsoft users to update the operating system the fastest. Small series in the past two days, talking with friends, when a question frequently win 10 key asked --Windows 10 it worth the upgrade? Reply Xiaobian every given are: "l it!" Let's recall under predecessor, Windows 8 release, you know, that is a so-called "revolutionary" system. Precisely, when Windows 8 has not yet developed has been released. Windows 8 originally conceived ideal, even say fantastic. Windows 8 is envisaged to develop cross-platform - a true cross-platform. Regardless of the mobile phone / PC system, but a system will apply to all devices, even ignoring the underlying chip architecture, whether X86 or ARM will run the same system, the same kernel. However, the ideal is very full, the reality is that too many revolutionary things ..... piled together, serious procrastination development progress, and even gave birth to such a freak Windows RT. Windows 8 is a dream with a platform sacrificed too much, but until windows 10 key finally it also failed to achieve this vision, hastily launched Windows 8 is a compromise of semi-finished entirely - phone, tablet, computer each has its own set of system, fighting each other, the application is not universal, has not been optimized for touch. Even Modern itself is very novel concept, but its immature behavior, along with consumer suited, finally ended the Modern. Modern desktop Windows 8.1 is a compromise, the final Windows 10 is substantially completely eliminated in Modern traces remaining only some of the things skin deep, and had a perfect cross-platform application has become a unified cross-platform solution.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Microsoft Windows7 sold homeopathic push Win7 upgrade key

Bubble network software channel on January 21 since the official Releasing the 2009 10th, windows7 with a simple, stable, wonderful experience and outstanding performance, won the unanimous endorsement of consumers, deserved to be the best so far is Microsoft one the fastest-selling operating system. To meet the needs of consumers, since January 8, 2010, for the purchase of pre-installed Microsoft operating system, computer users windows7 launched windows7 upgrade key package to help more consumers to easily upgrade to a higher version The windows7, experience the charm of innovation and technology. windows7 listed so far, the market has a lot of pre-installed operating system users to windows 7 sale online experience the convenience brought windows7 applications, but also gradually learned that different versions of different functional scope has windows7, windows7 later contain more exciting, innovative applications, such as Home Basic Edition does not have other advanced version provides the desktop and mouse translucent rock, etc. The Ultimate Edition contains safe and practical function BitLocker and BitLocker to go (drive encryption), etc. According windows7 boxed product sales in the Chinese market shows that most Chinese consumers to choose a fuller feature wonderful Home Premium and above versions. It turns out that more and more consumers realize the value of genuine software, they want to upgrade to a later version of the windows7, thus enjoy more exciting applications. This time, the windows7 upgrade key package for already purchased and upgraded computers preinstalled windows7 needs of users, users simply buy windows7 upgrade key package (Windows Anytime Upgrade), the package includes "upgrade key" input computer, you can easily after about 10 minutes, easily upgrade to a later version of windows7. windows7 upgrade key package (Windows Anytime Upgrade) introduced three different versions, can help users to upgrade from windows7 Home Basic to Home Premium, upgrade from windows7 Home Premium to Professional Edition, and upgrade from Home Premium to windows7 Ultimate. Zhang Bai Zhou Microsoft Entertainment and windows 7 sale online Devices Division, general manager of China, said: "Microsoft has been working to provide users with more exciting PC experience, but also to provide users with a more convenient, more diverse migration to windows7 way and choose from .windows7 Since the release of its innovative application experience has won wide acclaim by consumers. The key product upgrade package introduced, in line with the needs of customers, so that users can easily upgrade to a later version of the windows7, so feel new Technology charm. " So that consumers can buy a more convenient way to package this upgrade product, windows 7 sale for you Microsoft worked closely with a number of retailers, from January 8, 2010, consumers can by Jingdong Mall, Amazon, Taobao Mall - Microsoft hardware flagship store, 8844 and some other major online store to purchase various versions of windows7 upgrade key package. It is worth mentioning that Gome, Yongle, Dazhong Beijing on January 23 will be in the country's six core stores to large-scale on-site promotional activities for windows7 upgrade key package, and then opened a national campaign

Slow Ring can download the Windows 10 Build 10162

Fast Ring yesterday ushered user version number is 10162 for Windows 10 Insider preview version, which Microsoft introduced a third consecutive four days the new version. With the weekend approaching, Microsoft's decision for Slow Ring users open ISO image download, if you can not wait to have a clean install, you can download here.
Reviews Windows 8 (hereinafter referred to as Win8), we can clearly see Microsoft take a detour in which locations. We must admit that the touch screen laptop is Microsoft opened a very stunning brain hole, but this feature was added so that the presence of a keyboard and mouse seem awkward or even confused. Win8 out to the streets after the case is this: developers are not flocking to Win8, but the average user it is shunned. Although Win8 tablet on interactive experience is quite good, but for those holding a laptop, as usual, it is generally quiet, do a Kimihito on Win8 experience is considered a kind of torture. And now Microsoft is trying to get Windows 10 (hereinafter referred to as Win10) to save it all. Windows has its own set of evolution cycle. Windows XP from Windows ME windows 8 to save us in, Windows 7 Windows Vista let us get rid of the mess, now, Windows 10 was going to save us from the hands of Windows 8. That! On! Yes! You are most familiar Start menu favorite is back! For its return and cheer actually it is kinda weird, as it's leaving in general. But no matter how this should be the biggest change in Win 10 bar. Of course, there you will see the Diablo series theme. This upgrade is not just simply 7 Upgrade Win, but the Win7 Win8 two versions combine the advantages, the new building - Win10 did not like the last time the Win8 as a new user interface will mercilessly fell to the user's face, but close to the Start menu to keep the lower left corner in the familiar position - just like Win7. Microsoft Win8 while retaining the form of the application of the display, but the change that they will be placed in the Start menu. This means that the computer application will no longer occupy the entire screen to the user's desktop (of course, you can also make them stubbornly occupied). You can easily be placed in the Start menu in any application, but the Start menu, you can easily find the "Settings", "Shut Down", "Restart" button and your most frequently used applications and tools. These new features are the Start menu, the best return, in addition you can also customize according to their own preferences exclusively Start menu. Recalling the past, Windows of each new version will bring a new theme, the Win10 no exception. But compared to Win8 and Vista, Win10 this new theme slightly restrained, but unlike Win7 topic is so boring. The black theme is the Win10 brings surprises, but if you do not like black style, then you can also choose other equally elegant theme. Also before you will notice in Vista and Win7 transparency effects are well-loved Win10 got back. However, due to built-in applications like file search, etc. did not use any of the transparency effects, so you will not feel the effect of this transparent exaggeration or bored. It can be said that the Win10 changes are pragmatic, but the good news is a fashionable way.
Win10 navigation features compared to the previous version have been significantly improved. Win8 often make you crazy, "the firing angle (Hot Corners)" has also been incorporated into the system setup, if you're really tired of it, you can even remove it from the Start menu. The new Action Center is a message reminding center like that can collect and provide quick reminder application settings entry. Win8 in that annoying firing angle (Hot Corners) was finally cut off - thank goodness Microsoft Windows multitasking window 10 of this focus a lot, Snap can be considered the biggest improvement here. You can drag any task window to the screen edge, it is only half of your screen, while on the other side of the screen in order to show the rest of your assignment window. If you use the touch screen, windows 8 sale online across the left side, a list will pop up, shown above all the app is running, you can also choose two, so that they also split-screen display. In addition to a substantial improvement in the split screen, Win10 also introduced a new feature called the Task View (Task View), with Apple in the Mission Control is very similar. It displays all tasks in a single screen in a window, so that you can quickly find what you want. Microsoft added a button so users can quickly activate windows10 Task View function, and proceeded to use. Microsoft claims that many users complained that they never use Alt + Tab to switch applications, so I hope this way can better help users multi-task operation.