Sunday, October 25, 2015

Microsoft Office 10 magic of 2016

ZD ZDNet CIO and Application Channel October 19 Rubric: September 22, 2015, Microsoft released to the public Microsoft Office 2016. At first glance, you probably will not notice much of a change from Office 2013 to the present. But when you go in-depth look, you will find some interesting, different from the productivity increase. Over the years, we have been committed to a lot of benefit from cloud office 2016 key computing, Microsoft Office 2016 is an attempt to honor these commitments. It is designed to meet one of our cloud-based, mobile-ready productivity suite can and should be what to expect. Only time will tell us whether Office 2016 will really deliver on these benefits, but the initial comment was hopeful. The following is the Microsoft Office 2016 to become ten things than you ever needed productivity suite. 1, real-time co-authoring For many Office applications, co-authoring already exist for quite some time, but for Office 2016, now co-authoring can be a real time. This means you can see your partner is a Word document or PowerPoint presentation on what operation is being performed - in turn, they can see what you're doing, and even this is where you are or what device is irrelevant . 2, OneNote notebook Share Microsoft Office OneNote is one of the most useful applications, and one of the most applications are not aware of. Office 2016 allows you to share a OneNote notebook with as many people. Because OneNote supports text, images, worksheets, e-mail, almost any document type you can think of, it can be committed to working with a project team resources, if they know how to use it, then. 3, simplified document sharing Office 2016 simplifies the sharing of documents, added a share button to the upper right corner of Office applications. Click on this button, you can click a button to share your documents with your contact list to anyone. You do not even have to leave the document can be operated. It sounds pretty simple. 4. Smart Accessory If you're like me, almost every Windows 7 key day to send e-mail attachments. In previous versions of Office, add attachments to e-mail you need to navigate to the document saved. In Office 2016 you can still do it, but if the request for the document that you recently visited, it will appear in a list in Outlook can be shared document. Essentially, Office 2016 gives you retain the most recently used popular content in the list. 5, Outlook functions of Clutter And like most of us, you may have to receive a lot of emails every day. View Outlook Inbox to set the priority of each message is take some time, so you can not stay productive. Office 2016 to your inbox added a new category for shunting your toolbox called Clutter. You can specify a particular e-mail as a lower priority in the future similar to e-mail, will be automatically deposited into the Clutter Outlook folders. So now your e-mail will have four categories: important, Clutter, trash and deleted. 6, better version history Collaboration and creativity could be a messy process, share documents over time buy office 2016 key there will be a significant change. Office 2016 to make up for the possible lack of ideas, to preserve the historical version of the document, and can be called directly from the Office application, found in the historical part of the File menu. 7, Excel icon in a new type of Excel icon by data visualization, which has been a popular Windows 7 key and powerful. However, a list of available previous versions of Excel icon type requires updated. Office 2016 templates list added several new types of icons, including waterfalls flow, which is a great icon type, if you want to track the stock market, then. Other new icon type also include tree diagrams, histograms, Pareto, Box and Whisker and Sunburst. 9, Power BI During the release of Office 2013 and Office 2016, Microsoft has put a lot of time and money spent on acquisitions to strengthen its vendor business intelligence and analytical applications. Power BI is a powerful analytical tool, is now bundled with Office 365 subscription. Understand the business operations of every little detail, it is vital that information, Power BI can give you all of these. 9, Delve Delve is another new tool bundled with Office 365 subscription. The best way to office 2016 key sale describe Delve is the ability to let you access you have created, shared, or use Office 2016 for joint central location. This is another list of items recently used, this version of the list is stored only in the cloud - so you can access it using Office 365 Portal in any place on any device. 10, purchase options Office 2016 can only be provided to the user as an order. Even if you buy the boxed version of Office 2016, you must have an annual subscription, but with one exception. If you purchased Office Home & Student 2016 boxed version, you can get a one-time payment based on the cost of 149.99 Office applications. Microsoft is fairly certain that the most economical way is to order Office 365, including Office 2016 and all cloud services. Apps consider ordering one of 365 for Business Office. This will also be your most affordable option.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

When Office 2016 is compatible with OS X 10.11 still unknown

Microsoft's response is very fast, just do not know when to update. How many people upgrade OS X El Capitan can not be used after Office 2016's? OS X El Capitan 10.11 formal push to let Mac users fell into a joy, but for the people who use Office, the arrival of OS X El Capitan's really is a worry. There are many users to upgrade OS X El Capitan reaction after using Office 2016 will appear the office 2016 key sale online phenomenon of collapse. According to reflect, the user will see the "Error", "needs to close" and so prompted. In response, Microsoft responded very quickly, the company spokesman recently Windows 7 key told the media that they have learned that Office 2016 compatibility issues with OS X El Capitan between Apple and is actively communicate, to be able to solve. However, Microsoft has been no offer next upgrade is expected to release time. That encounter Office 2016 crash of OS X El Capitan users still need to wait for some time. In fact, not just Office 2016, Microsoft Outlook 2011 with OS X El Capitan same compatibility issues (as shown above), which also requires Microsoft to provide solutions. According to Microsoft spokesman, before the update arrives, they recommend Mac users to install the buy office 2016 key latest version of Office 2016 through Microsoft's automatic update. In addition to Outlook 2011 or Office 2016 crashes occur outside the current OS X El Capitan has not yet been discovered more significant problem.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Buy Office2010 Edition 2013 Microsoft has started to send promotional

Recently, Microsoft introduced Office productivity software, promotional activities, from now until April 30, 2013, hot sale 2010 key online purchase Office2010 users will receive a free upgrade Office2013 privileges, along with a year's free subscription to Office 365.
Office2013 Of course, you first need to complete all of this purchase and activate the 2010 version, Windows 7 key and then you submit your application for protection through registration page, Microsoft after the release of version 2013 will notify the user to download and upgrade. Microsoft in mid-July 2012, launched a preview version Office2013. Office2013 new features, buy office 2010 key including the connection to Word 2013 Microsoft SkyDrive service, read and edit PDF files, and support touchscreen devices. Microsoft said that at present this is not the final Office2013, a few months after the launch of Windows 8, which is the first quarter of 2013 reflected Mami talent. However, the preview version will be pre-loaded into your Windows RT devices, including Microsoft's own Surface tablet.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Windows 10 vender den største udfordring: WP dilemma

Hvis du kører Windows 7 eller Windows 8-operativsystem, skal du opgradere til den nyeste Windows 10. Dog kan Windows 10 kører ikke kun på stationære computere og bærbare computere. Snart vil det understøtte en række forskellige enheder, herunder augmented reality-enheder, tablet-computere og mobiltelefoner.
Til Microsoft, kan det betyde en kæmpe udfordring. Windows 10 kan være stor, men når det er et stort salg i efteråret, kan du stadig ikke gemme Microsoft Smartphone Windows Phone. Windows Phone på det globale smartphone markedsandel på kun 3%, udviklere er ikke megen lidenskab for udviklingen af ​​Windows Phone-applikationer, fordi få mennesker rent faktisk vil bruge dem. Fordi denne telefon er ikke den bedste ansøgning, vil det ikke være i stand til at tiltrække folk til at købe det. Windows Phone er fanget i et dilemma. Microsoft ønsker Windows 10 kan løse problemer ansøgning fra Windows Phone står over for. Windows 7 eller Windows 8 brugere, vil win 10 key operativsystemet være en gratis opgradering, hvilket betyder, at millioner af mennesker vil bruge det nye Microsoft-operativsystem i de næste par måneder. Og enhver Windows 10 PC-applikationer vil køre på telefonen. Microsoft mener, at udviklere vil indse den enorme chance og begyndte at udvikle applikationer til Windows Phone. Men der er en logisk fejl i denne procedure. De bedste og mest populære Windows 7 key mobile applikationer skal først udviklet til mobiltelefoner, bør de ikke være reverse-programmerede pc-program, der kører på mindre mobile skærme. Hundreder af millioner af mennesker vil bruge Windows 10 på en stationær computer, men det betyder ikke, at kun ligesom snapchat sådanne mobile virksomheder vil starte først til PC og derefter udvikle applikationer til mobiltelefoner. Alt i alt, at Windows Phone kun en lille chance at tage af ved hjælp af Windows 10. På den anden side, har Microsoft fundet andre smarte mobil strategi. Microsoft er systematisk at købe mobil produktivitet applikationer, herunder Wunderlist og Sunrise, uanset hvilken platform de kører på. For eksempel, selv om der ikke er nogen Microsoft-programmer, der kører på min mobiltelefon hovedskærmen, og nu har windows 10 key jeg har tre. Microsoft har været langsomt at overtage iPhone. Over tid, vil dette hjælpe Microsoft opbygge loyalitet blandt brugerne, for at tiltrække folk tilbage til Windows økosystem. Men nu, kan Windows 10 ikke redde Windows Phone.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Windows 10 market share increased slightly in September Windows 7 is still the boss

New statistics show that the market share, Windows 10 September market share has improved, the market share of 7.63 percent, the highest level since July release. Windows 10 is now the fifth most commonly used operating system on the desktop, win 7 key the good news is that it has gone beyond the internal Windows 8 3.29 percent worldwide market share. On the other hand, Windows 7 without fear of Windows 10, its market share in the desktop Windows 7 key operating system which is still ranked first, the market share of 52.57%, which means that on a global scale, there is one computer per two computers run Windows 7 operating system. Surprisingly, Windows XP still has a 9.48% market share. Although starting in April 2014, Microsoft no windows 7 key sale longer provides updates and security patches as WindowsXP, but now it seems, Windows XP users do not value security. OS X ranked fourth, the market share was 8.63%, Windows 8 market share of only 3.26%. Microsoft for the Windows 10 set in 2017 by 10 million units installed equipment, therefore, Windows 10 must continue to increase market share in the next few months.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Take a look at the genuine Office 2016 evaluating it

Office this year has been 25 years old. In fact, the age of some components to be included in the Office among the larger Microsoft in 1990 but was released the first Office combination packages. The first Office suite includes Word 1.1, Excel 2 and the other three PowerPoint 2 software. According to Microsoft's unique version name, released this year, Office 2016 is actually the first version 16.0.
Compared to Office 2013 and earlier versions in terms of, Office 2016 has a very high degree of recognition. Office 2016 will suit all applications within the title bar are accompanied by several applications are inherent in the exclusive colors (Inexplicably, Outlook title bar is still blue, Microsoft does not know for what to consider The abolition of the gold properties in Outlook). This is an optional setting, if you think this feature too bright, you can choose to turn off, turn off this feature in Office 2016 and Office 2013 look very similar. As a set of desktop productivity applications, Office changes in these years is not large. Microsoft Office 2007 until fishes software interface has been substantial adjustments and the introduction of the ribbon interface (Ribbon Interface). In the Office 2010 suite, Microsoft applications, save, open and print other sectors joined the "backstage view" (Backstage View) function. But the ribbon interface does not change the basic architecture of this application, there is no change in the work of interaction Windows 7 key between applications within the buy office 2016 online suite mode. People can not help but feel this they used to handle text, make spreadsheets, presentations, e-mail and calendar applications written since the era of the ancient Lotus Improv has been no substantial change occurred. At least Lotus Improv also provides us with a formula to follow to today's grid pattern. This Office 2016 did not break this trend. Office 2016 in some detail really has changed, for example, features the region has a new application that read, "Please tell me what you want to do?" Text box, the text box is the search engine function area, it It is able to find the function you want to use. The downside is that it does not tell you the normal position of this feature, so you can once again use the search function. If we say that the emergence of similar ill-conceived version of Office 2007, that would still passable. But eight years have passed, and now most commonly used function new office 2016 key keys for Office locations are very familiar with. Of course, this does not mean that the emergence of this new feature will not be the user's welcome, it does have to make Office better. It is puzzling why Microsoft needs to spend such a long time to build this feature, obviously the market has appeared to achieve a similar effect to expand the application, or even expand the application of some of the Party's produced.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Office2016 evaluation: new wine in old bottles, but more collaborative

Peter Brett (Peter Bright) is a technology media, "Ars" technology editor. Brett's article covers Microsoft, software programming, software development, web and browser technology and safety and other topics. This article is written by Brett of Office 2016 a review article
Office this year has been 25 years old. In fact, the age of some components to be included in the Office among the larger Microsoft in 1990 but was released the first Office combination packages. The first Office suite includes Word 1.1, Excel 2 and the other three PowerPoint 2 software. According to Microsoft's unique version name, released this year, Office 2016 is actually the first version 16.0
Compared to Office 2013 and earlier versions in terms of, Office 2016 has a very high degree of recognition. Office 2016 will suit all applications within the title bar are accompanied by several applications are inherent in the exclusive colors (Inexplicably, Outlook title bar is still blue, Microsoft does not know for what to consider The abolition of the gold properties in Outlook). This is an optional setting, if you think this feature too bright, you can choose to turn off, turn off this feature in Office 2016 and Office 2013 look very similar. As a set of desktop productivity applications, Office changes in these years is not large. Microsoft Office 2007 until fishes software interface has been substantial adjustments and the introduction of the ribbon interface (Ribbon Interface). In the Office 2010 suite, Microsoft applications, save, open and office 2016 key print other sectors joined the "backstage view" (Backstage View) function. But the ribbon interface does not change the basic architecture of this application, there is no change in the work of interaction between applications within the suite mode. People can not help but feel this they used to handle text, make spreadsheets, presentations, e-mail and calendar applications written since the era of the ancient Lotus Improv has been no substantial change occurred. At least Lotus Improv also provides us with a formula to follow to today's grid pattern. This time Office 2016 did not break this trend. Office 2016 in some detail really has changed, for example, function area features a new Windows 7 key application is written, "Please tell me what you want to do?" Text box, the text box is the search engine function area, it It is able to find the function you want to use. The downside is that it does not tell you the normal position of this feature, so you can once again use the search function. If we say that the emergence of similar ill-conceived version of Office 2007, that would still passable. But eight years have passed, and now most commonly used function keys for Office locations are very familiar with. Of course, this does not mean that the emergence of this new feature will not be the user's welcome, it does have to make Office better. It is puzzling why Microsoft needs to spend such a long time to build this feature, obviously the market has appeared to achieve a similar effect to expand the application, some of which even expand the application or Party Publisher
Application also has an "inquiry only" function, it will document the selected vocabulary Bing (Bing) search. Since this function uses the contents of the selected words other than as a reference, so the search results will indeed come out to be more accurate than direct web search. For example, in an article on the carbon-14 isotope (Carbon-14) in the English document the search "dating" the word, the outcome should be a carbon dating (carbon dating) related to the content, rather than the "eHarmony" etc. dating site. In Office 2016, Microsoft Excel adds a few new chart form, but the chart is still missing state export tool. In addition, the Outlook add attachments button also added a Office document containing the most recently used menu, this improvement is to facilitate users to add documents as attachments to the message being. The new version of Outlook for sending attachments or links should have better judgment. If you say that the recent record of the use of Office documents in OneDrive, Enterprise Edition OneDrive and SharePoint above words, the document will be sent in the form of a link. The new version of Outlook can document (including links to the form of the document) editable settings, you can easily set a document in Outlook will be read-only mode or edit mode. Microsoft said the new version of Outlook attachment settings menu is unprecedented: it means that the company's employees can send each other a direct link to the attachment and do something to limit the size of attachments. Share documents by mail the way has been a great deal of distress to the system administrator, because relative to the share of the way through the file server, this approach is time consuming and not conducive to the management of space. But considering the convenience issue, share documents by mail has been a way of choice for users. Obviously, Microsoft did not completely solve the problem using the Office suite, but it certainly is a big step forward for Outlook 2016 improvements. Used in conjunction with Office 365 (as well as the next version of Exchange) Outlook spam filter has called "Clutter" is. Clutter will lower priority and bulk mail such as public relations unified placed in a separate file named "Clutter" folder. Clutter will mail folder in days to organize and collate buy office 2016 key the results sent to you the day. Clutter will come on their own judgment be modified by the user's operation history. In fact from opinion in recent months trial experience, Clutter's performance is quite good, although the scale of judgment somewhat conservative. Access and Publisher are also to be included in Office 2016, and that this two applications do not seem to change. Microsoft is just two applications for this change a new look, much criticized for their shortcomings but did not make any substantial improvement. On experience of software in terms of core functions, and there is not much difference between Office 2016 and Office 2013, Office 2016 only in some of the details were optimized. In the new version of Office 2016, the 32-bit versions and 64-bit versions are equal. But in the past, guidance for Office is: Unless you have a very large data reports need to be addressed, otherwise it is recommended to use the 32-bit version; now becomes: You are free to make a choice among the two, but 64 bit version of Office is more suitable for handling large data reports, and more secure. In Office 2016, you will be more likely to find the function you want to use, but these benefits is not enough to let a qualitative improvement.
Collaborative work is the key Microsoft Office 2016 will be regarded as a heavyweight product, it's a huge boost of confidence does not come from the core functionality or user interface, collaboration is the key of faith. But it seems a cliché, Microsoft introduced Office 2013, it also had a similar tone playing. In the Office 2016, Word collaborative authoring capabilities improved. Office 2013 supports multiple users to edit the same document, but users communicate with each other when they are very strenuous. If a user wants to notify other users to conduct their own what had changed, he need to save the changed contents and notify other users refresh the document has been modified so that the content can be displayed. Word 2016 is omitted to save and refresh the trouble immediately change made by the user can be displayed in the document. Although relying on the browser and the market several collaborative editing tools, there is still some room for improvement, but this change is to the user a great convenience. Testing found that Word 2016 users hotsale 2016 key have been locked paragraph editing, so different users can only paragraphs for different collaborative editing, and other such settings and collaborative editing tools Etherpad stark contrast. Now defunct Etherpad support multiple users simultaneously for the same part of the document for collaborative editing. In Office 2016, the cooperative work of the interface has been greatly improved. The new version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint have a convenient share button. In addition, the Enterprise Edition also integrated Skype account, you can always communicate with co-workers via voice or video. Although the user interface has been improved, but Microsoft did not carry out any work to enhance the capabilities for PowerPoint and Excel. Microsoft is committed to the next will work together to provide a more sophisticated experience for PowerPoint, and then followed Excel (in fact, now there are some designed specifically for Excel browsers collaboration tools). Microsoft did not mention the above optimization work completion time, but Microsoft promised to honor its commitment to improve before the Office 2019 launch, at least you can guarantee Office 365 registered users do not have ages.
Not surprisingly, this set is the old trick of 2013 of the Office. Office 365 Office authorized to give subscribers can use the Office of the Special edition --Office ProPlus. And general permanent activation of different versions, Microsoft will provide regular feature updates service for Office ProPlus. Version of the 2013 Office ProPlus even includes a number of original open only for administrators or end users new features. In Office ProPlus 2016, Microsoft is to increase the investment for the new features. Office ProPlus 2016 contains elements of the user interface prompts for new features to facilitate the users to understand the software which functions were updated. Windows 10, Microsoft also plans to launch a similar special version, this special edition will set up a major operation "current branch", through this branch, the system can immediately obtain repair or acquire new functions. Enterprise version of "current branch" security fixes can be obtained immediately, but its function update delay for three months but there is. PowerPoint and Excel synergistic improvement is likely to give priority to the upgrade version of the system for users, especially. Microsoft still attach great importance to a permanent authorized user, it's just to let Office 365 subscribers feel more valuable, priority upgrade Clutter functions and collaborative work are reflected in the value of subscription. Subscribe value is also reflected in the new group among Outlook. Relying on Office 365 groups feature, Outlook users can create a temporary user group. In order to better facilitate communication, this group can use shared inbox (due to the response will appear at the bottom of each message, so this function looks more like a conversation instead of a log message), shared calendar, OneDrive common storage space and shared OneNote notes. And traditional mass-mailing and Exchange Hitachi sharing different groups can be created at full end-user, it does not require administrator involvement. This is a new feature. Office 365 includes three new applications, which Delve and Sway there have been several months, is still in a preview state Planner is a new application. From the "Planner" unimaginative name this shows that it is used as an application program. Users can establish where tasks, task deadline set for the completion of tracking, the task assigned to the different members and view their completion. Microsoft is not satisfied with the application used to create the e-mail only, and it hopes this application can be closer to the Project in Gantt chart (Gantt charts). The basic software seems to be very useful, although it is still in a state of relative isolation. Planner does not and to-do list of Outlook integration, it also did not buy Microsoft's latest Wunderlist application integration. Such integration will enable Planner can work better with existing processes or practice integration. Delve function is really puzzling. Microsoft is committed to playing a Delve but use Office Graph (Office Graph is the relationship between the company's employees, teams and paperwork involved in between) tool. By algorithm, it can show you what you might be interested in, for example, you can see the team members are to deal with those documents. But not in the document structure as the core enterprise, the application does not seem much use value.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Windows 10 installations allegedly exceeded one hundred million

July 29, Microsoft released Windows 10, and free upgrades, since then, this operating system has been downloaded and installed several of them around the world to millions of devices. Now, citing unnamed sources, Windows 10 installation number has exceeded one hundred million mark. Earlier this month, our sources said, Microsoft Windows 10 is fast approaching buy win 10 online one hundred million sets of installed capacity, which launched just two months of the new operating system, the performance has been very good. From the figures released by Microsoft, we know that 24 hours after the release of Windows 7 key Windows 10 installed capacity has reached 14 million units, and then spent two weeks over 50 million figure in the Windows system market share reached 4.95%. Microsoft has said its goal is within the next three years, so that Windows 10 installed capacity reached one billion units in just two months, the completion of this goal has been reached 10%, which is quite an admirable feat . Microsoft had planned to hold conference on October 6 this year, it plans to showcase the new Windows 10 devices, including the new Windows 10 flagship smartphone, the new Microsoft smart wristbands, equipped with Intel's new sixth-generation micro-architecture processors SKYLAKE Surface Pro 4 flat computers, as well as support for Windows Hello biometric authentication password system. Taking into account the official statistics page Microsoft Windows 10 installation hot sale windows 10 key sale is still number 75 million, and we expect that Microsoft will announce in the coming days the number exceeded one billion mark installation message.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

windows key

May 15, 2013, Microsoft's Windows division chief Windows 7 key financial officer and chief marketing officer Tami Majorelle (Tami Reller) in JP Morgan Technology, Media and Telecommunications Conference, said: Windows Blue formalize the official name of Windows 8.1, Windows 8 genuine users can upgrade for free. Windows 8.1 system will not only allow the "Start" button to return to the desktop, and for the keyboard, Outlook, search, entertainment and other functions also experience a large area optimization, boasts over as many as 800 of the windows key sale update, and will be officially announced 10 Launched the official version. June 26, 2013, Microsoft released Windows 8.1 Build 2013 General Assembly preview version, Microsoft has Windows 8.1 Build 9391 available to OEM partners for testing, and called the developer preview version (Developer Preview). Subsequently, Microsoft officially announced Windows8.1 Consumer Preview (ConsumerPreview), which is frequently mentioned in the Beta beta. Windows 8 users can get updates through the Windows Store. Windows 8.1 Atlas Windows 8.1 Atlas (42) August 14, 2013, Microsoft announced: from Beijing at 19:00 on October 17 onwards, Windows 8.1 will be on a global scale, start by Windows Windows 8 app store on a free update for the Windows 8 user push. In addition, Microsoft will be in the end of August will be distributed to OEM version Windows8.1RTM hardware partners. The original plan MSDN / Technet subscribers in October to get Windows 8.1 RTM version, but after intense discussions within Microsoft finally on September 9, 2013 to provide Windows RTM version 8.1 of the MSDN / Technet subscribers. October 17, 2013, Microsoft officially available to download Windows 8.1, all installed Windows 8 users can update via the Windows Store gained 8.1 version update. [2] Year 2014 April 2, 2014, Microsoft released Windows 8.1 Update In BUILD 2014 General buy windows key online Assembly, Windows 8.1 users can get all the installed upgrade for free. 2015 January 2015, Microsoft announced that in addition to the Enterprise Edition, all Windows 8.1 can upgrade for free within a year to Windows 10 [1] in Windows 10 Preview Congress, carried out within a year to get Windows 10 upgrade will be permanently free. [3]

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Windows 10 browser will set the default search engine Baidu

September 24, 2015, Microsoft and Baidu in Redmond, Washington announced strategic cooperation, Baidu will become the Chinese market Windows 10 Microsoft Edge browser's default home page and search engine, give the user more convenient search service . At the same time, Baidu also through the "Windows 10 through train" service provides Windows 10 to download the upgrade. In the global market, including China, equipment Genuine Windows 7 and Windows 8's can be a free upgrade to Windows 10. Baidu will launch the "Windows 10 through train" to help Chinese Internet users to easily download and install Windows 10, to provide users with secure and seamless Windows 10 upgrade experience. Chinese Internet users search on Baidu platform and "Win10" related keywords, it will be linked to Baidu Upgrade Assistant "Windows 10 through train." Baidu CEO said Zhang Yaqin: "Windows 10 brought a friendly user experience and many unique windows 10 key sale and innovative features, we are optimistic about prospects for the development of this new operating system is very happy to work closely with Microsoft for users to upgrade and use Windows 10's. the process of creating a better experience, make people more efficient access to information and services they need. " This partnership will provide a tailored user experience for China for the local user's browsing and search experience. As the most influential local search engine services on the Chinese market, Baidu has over 600 million active users, it is one of the most popular Internet portal Chinese Internet windows 10 key sale users. After upgrading to Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft Edge browser start page can be used directly Baidu search. Meanwhile, Baidu will provide a common Windows 10 Windows application search, video, cloud and maps. Executive vice president of Microsoft's Windows and Equipment Division Terry • Melson (Terry Myerson) expressed: "Windows 10 made a good start, there were already 75 million devices using the Windows 10 operating system, we are committed to serve the whole world. users to provide the best Windows 10, one important way is 'ground gas' experience. We are pleased to work together with Baidu to bring Windows 10 on a tailored search and browsing experience for Chinese users. " Windows 10 is Microsoft's next-generation cross-platform operating system, on July 29 officially released worldwide.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The new Windows 10 Joint enhance Intel computing experience

Science and technology as a whole is now experiencing a bottleneck, very difficult to have cross ascension. After the major manufacturers are aware of these problems, cooperation has become the only way to solve the problem, many large manufacturers had beneficial cooperation, the introduction of product innovation and stronger than many unilateral. Now the world's most representative of the two big companies also conduct a more in-depth cooperation, Microsoft and Intel together. We all know that Windows 10 is very good features, but also the integration of the Windows 7 key advantages of previous generations, allowing users to use more efficient and convenient. Behind the seemingly perfect it will certainly have unsatisfactory after Intel join to cooperate, which has been changed, has become a spectacle. Microsoft's new operating system --Windows 10 official version start for the global 190 countries and regions listed, will PC, tablet computers and other equipment to push Windows 10 system upgrades. By then, Windows 7, Windows 8 users will be able to upgrade for free within a year to Windows 10. With the release of Windows10, Intel and Microsoft have long around personal buy windows 10 key online computing innovation partnerships to refresh again. In close collaboration of the two companies, under the force of innovation, Windows10 in with Intel processor PC, 2-in-1 device that runs on the Tablet PC, it is possible for consumers to bring the best experience to maximize the release of computing Innovative power.
New research shows that currently there are more than 600 million sets worldwide PC machine has reached the age of 5 years or more. These devices are bulky body, start slowly, life is short, some models even cameras are not, so that people can not enjoy the video chat, video calls and other basic fun. In addition, these same devices in graphics performance pales compared to new equipment, so that people can not get smooth, high-definition visual and gaming experience.
To this end, Intel, Microsoft team of engineers of both companies collaborating to ensure that the computing device equipped with Intel processors provides the best experience of Windows 10. Equipped with Intel processors running Windows 10 operating system, a new generation of PC, 2-in-1 devices and tablets, the performance is more powerful, run more smoothly, more personalized experience. Intel processor-based PC, 2-in-1 device and tablet PCs equipped after Windows 10, will bring a series of unprecedented experience users. Windows 10 combined with Intel to enhance the experience: By optimizing its voice algorithms and voice-activated capability, personal digital windows 10 key assistant Cortana better performance on Intel platforms, the overall response capacity has increased significantly. On x86-based device, the user can obtain the full Windows experience. These devices can support all Windows applications and peripherals, such as printers, camera drivers, and so will only run on Intel processor-equipped device. Powered by Intel processors and Intel RealSense F200 camera device, you can run "Windows Hello" This new feature. The feature allows users to use "sweep face" approach instead of the traditional password, unlock the device to achieve within two seconds. X86-based tablet, is currently the only tablet PC to support the full Windows 10 experience. If you want to get the best experience on Windows 10 Tablet PC, people should choose a device equipped with Intel processors. With innovative user experience, computing performance upgrades and exciting new devices emerge, now ushered in the purchase PC, 2 together the best opportunity a device and tablet.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Microsoft reiterated: Win10 preview version upgrade full version without Win7 / Win8.1 authorization

IT Home News June 20 message, whether Win10 Insider users a free upgrade to Windows10 can really question windows 8 key the official version, users around the world are hoping that Microsoft can give "clearer" answer. Microsoft Win10 preview Experience Program Leader Gabriel Aul before been released on the official blog of the company the Win10 Home Edition and Professional Edition preview version can upgrade for free official version of the message, and stressed that the policy does not include a free Enterprise Edition.
A foreign friends on Twitter requirement Gabriel Aul confirm Win10 Insider members need Win7 / Win8.1 genuine authorized official can activate the Win10 version. The responsible person, Insider users can Win7 / Win8.1 system upgrade way to activate Win10, Win10, or directly from the preview version clean installation (need to use Microsoft account binding) for the upgrade. You might ask, from Windows7 / Windows 8.1 upgrade first preview version of Win10 system is also a free upgrade to the official version of Win10 it? Of course, Gabriel Aul already stressed, as long as your Win10 is already activated from Win7 / Win8.1 upgrade from, you can enjoy free access to the official buy windows 8 key version of Win10. I need to remind you that the "active" theoretically means "genuine", but also remember the genuine identity verification system activation after it? Although the pirates in this way morally it is not genuine, but the machine is thought so. In addition, according to Microsoft's policy, Win10 preview Experience Program members after the official release, the right to choose to stop in a stable official version, or continue to follow a preview version of the upgrade. Microsoft "Windows Insider Program Agreement" (the "Agreement") did not stay in the official version of the stage can not enjoy free use of the provisions of the contents of the official version of Win10, Microsoft the launch of a free upgrade to the official version of the Insider policy does not contain In the "Agreement". However, we still have the right to continue to question Microsoft gives relevant policies of this, after all, everyone's understanding of the different ways to express different ways. But in the end the truth is only one, it is now July 29 not far off, let us come together to witness this historic moment.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Microsoft sued recycling companies authorized to sell 70,000 copies without Office 2010

Microsoft has sued Arizona recycling company GER, on charges of allegedly stealing and selling 70,000 copies Office 2010 product key on the black market. Microsoft filed a lawsuit last week, claiming that recycling companies up to ten employees stole 70,000 copies of the product key is not used, Windows 7 key and sold them on the black buy office 2010 key online keys, to Microsoft caused millions of dollars in losses. Microsoft claims that the company failed to secure and protect GER Microsoft product key, leading to theft. Microsoft also noted that, GER owner of this failure to act, willful blindness, therefore, the company is also required to pay copyright payments. In addition, GER and Microsoft signed a contract to store and processing office 2010 key sale hardware and software is not used, its negligence and breach of contract in 2009, Microsoft signed. Technology companies often entrust recycling companies to handle unused, but valuable products for safe disposal. Microsoft has dealt with similar things before, in 2007, the company sued Tampa recycling companies illegally sold copies of Windows 7.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

September 22 Office 2016 for Windows comprehensive supplier to the new publishing rule attendant

Microsoft has confirmed that, Office 2016 for Windows will be launched on September 22. September 22 is the next-generation desktop version of Office for Windows general availability date. Office 365 Personal Edition and Home Edition users can install the Office 2016 for Windows application on September 22 from the manual. Microsoft will begin in October 2015 by way of automatic upgrade pushed out the new Office 2016 applications. Those who hold the bulk of the license agreement, we can start from October 1, Office Volume Licensing Center from 2016 to download. Office 2016 for Windows Desktop Edition is a full-featured set of Office applications, Office 2013 is the next generation. In March, Microsoft released an IT / professionals previews Office 2016 for Windows, in May 2015 released a public preview version. The new Office suite running on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 PC, notebook and Tablet PC. As part of the release of Microsoft Office update mode will make some changes.
Office 365 ProPlus monthly subscription users can continue to obtain the feature and security updates. This monthly update was released called "Current Branch". Existing Current Branch will be released on September 22, it will include all the new Office 2016 application updates. There will be a new Office 365 Pro Plus Current Branch for Business update option. It is aimed at corporate customers and IT professionals, they may want to launch a new version of Office or before the update wait several months for testing at Microsoft. Office Current Branch for Business similar to Microsoft Windows for the new Current Branch for Business update path, will give users "three year cumulative feature updates", plus the monthly security updates. This means that the next Current Branch for Business build of Office 2016-- will be included and published on September 22 the same feature set, plus four additional monthly security updates - will be released in February 2016. Office 2016 for Windows, there are several relatively new updates. This release adds Office applications data loss prevention functions. There are additional documents common collaboration capabilities, the new "Tell Me" navigation support, integration with PowerBI, and new versions of Office for Windows in more locking / rights management capabilities. Microsoft in July ordered the Office 365 user released Mac version of Office 2016. This month, Microsoft plans to offer Office 2016 for Mac to those more willing to buy a single copy of a user. Update: Solutions Many readers for Office 2016 for Windows upcoming issue (via Microsoft spokesman announced): Q: Office 365 Business Premium Will automatically get these updates through the branch, or limited use of Office 365 ProPlus user? A: Yes, business customers will also receive the Office 2016 applications, and the default is Current Branch. Business Premium customers can choose Current Branch for Business, if they choose, at any time once the words. Q: Is there an equivalent to Windows 10 Long Term Servicing branch for Office 365 users to choose? These users do not want to see new features released between Office different? A: For those who want to proprietary systems (not required feature updates, office 2016 but you can continue to receive security updates and bug fixes) Office installed on the client, we recommend the use of Office 2016 Volume Licensing (MSI) version. Q: If you now Office 365 ProPlus of subscribers, you've won the annual update of the three Office applications? A: The existing Office 365 ProPlus customers are now already on the Current Branch. But we will all ProPlus customers migrate to three times a year to update the plan to transfer them to Current Branch for Business. Customers can choose to stay on the Current Branch. All updates are provided through the Office CDN, or by the administrator of the Agency for deployment (instead of Windows Update). Q: If you're already in Current Branch Office 365, the updated three times a year it is mandatory --Current Branch update on Windows 10 the way? A: Current Branch may contain monthly features, security and non-security fixes. Customers can choose to stay in one version, but we recommend them to upgrade to the latest version to use the new features and security fixes. Q: those running Office 2016 for Windows preview users can upgrade directly to the RTM version of it? A: It depends on the client is how to obtain the Office 2016 Preview. Those get Office 2016 Preview of the first release of the program by Commercial Office 365 customers will continue to receive the latest updates covering their workloads Office 365, including Office client. If they want to switch to production of Office 2016, they can uninstall Office 2016 Preview from the program, download from their "My Software" page of the production version of Office 2016. Office 2016 Preview for IT Pros and Developers will continue to receive the latest updates Office 365 to cover their workloads, including Office client. If they want to switch to production of Office 2016, they can uninstall Office 2016 Preview from the program, download from their "My Software" page of the production office 2016 key sale online version of Office 2016. Office 365 Consumer Subscribers: If the client is added to Office through Office "My Accounts" page 365 of the 2016 preview, so they just want to uninstall Office 2016 Preview Windows Programs and Features, and then install the production version of Office through their "My Account" page 2016 (instead of Office 365 subscription). Office 2016 Preview will fall due in 2015, and enter reduced functionality mode. Customers will be able to choose to switch to the Office 365 subscription fee, or you can choose to uninstall from Windows, Office 2016, Office re-install any version they have licensed.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Installation does not delete the old version Office2010 tips how to solve?

System originally installed Office 2007, but when you install 2010 Chinese version, suggesting that the old version was not removed, can not be installed Solutions are as follows: The first to use such as 360, Tencent and other system utilities to uninstall 2007. Who can not be deleted DLL, use the delete tool to delete stubborn files Restart then forcibly uninstall office 2007 need to perform the following steps: 1. Hold down the winkey (windows logo key) + R, enter% windir% \ Installer, Enter. Open the installer folder. 2. Right-click on the window to the right of the space, the View - Details. 3, to the Explorer menu bar, view, best office 2010 key check the status bar. So that you can see the details of the file in Explorer status bar at the bottom. 4, then click each MSI, pay attention to see the details of the status bar. Find the relevant documents for each Office 2007, which may include word2007 other related components. 5, in each Office msi 2007, and right click and select Uninstall. Office Source Engine service 1. Hold down the winkey (windows logo key) + R, enter services.msc, Enter. Open Server Manager. 2, find the Office Source Engine, right-click, select Stop. Office 2007 installation files and directories 1. Hold down the winkey (windows logo key) + R, enter% CommonProgramFiles% \ Microsoft Shared, Enter. 2, delete the directory Office12 and Source Engine 3, hold winkey (windows logo key) + R, enter% ProgramFiles% \ Microsoft Office, Enter. 4, delete the Office12 directory 5, hold winkey (windows logo key) + R, enter% appdata% \ microsoft \ templates, Enter 6, delete and Normalemail.dotm Normal.dotm file. 5, hold winkey (windows logo key) + R, enter% appdata% \ microsoft \ document building blocks, into the 1033 or 1033 folder 6, delete the file Building blocks.dotx 7, hold winkey (windows logo key) + R, enter% AllUsersprofile% \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Office \ Data Enter 8, delete all files Temporary Files 1. Hold down the winkey (windows logo key) + R, enter% temp%, Enter 2, delete all files Cache file 1, in the Explorer: Tools menu - Folder Options - View - Advanced Setup, click or check the implementation of the following: · Check the "Display System folder contents" · Uncheck "Hide protected hotsale office 2010 key sale operating system files" * Click on "Show hidden files and folders" · Uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types" · Click Apply · Click "Apply to All Folders" 2. Find all the local hard disk root directory, locate the \ MSOCache \ All Users directory, enter. 3, delete the directory and all directories containing such words: 0FF1CE) - Office 2007 registry 1, regedit 2, browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Office \ 12.0 3, delete the subkey 12.0 4. Browse to the following sub-key, delete the corresponding sub-key • HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Office \ 12.0 • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Office \ 12.0 • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Office \ Delivery \ SourceEngine \ Downloads \ * 0FF1CE} - * • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Uninstall \ * 0FF1CE * • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Installer \ UpgradeCodes \ * F01FEC • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Installer \ UserData \ S-1-5-18 \ Products \ * F01FEC • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ ose • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Installer \ Features \ * F01FEC • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Installer \ Products \ * F01FEC • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Installer \ UpgradeCodes \ * F01FEC • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Installer \ Win32Assemblies \ * Office12 * NOTE: The above is an asterisk enclosed sub-key, such as * office12 *, expressed both before and after the text, this sub-key names may change, but it must contain the words office12. Not to say that at the beginning of an asterisk to the end of the sub-key. 5, browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Uninstall 6, and then click to view each UninstallString, all office12 find related items, which may contain \ words such as Office Setup Controller \ Setup.exe. 7, delete each subkey found.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The official version of Windows 10 practical tips three

Recently, Microsoft released the official version of Windows 10, and Windows 10 are numerous improvements, but also bring some confusion to users. This brings us the official version of Windows 10 three practical tips. Restore the volume control interface Change Windows volume control interface 10 may make a lot of users are not suited, in fact, just the traditional volume control interface is Microsoft hiding, so the user can modify the registry way to retrieve it. First, the user needs to enter regedit in Cortana search bar and press Enter to open the Registry Editor. The second step, the user needs to locate HKEY_LOCAL_ in Registry Editor MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\MTCUVC. If not MTCUVC entry, the user can right-click on CurrentVersion and select "New", then click on the "item" and create MTCUVC items. The third step, after clicking MTCUVC item, you need to right-click an empty space on the right to create a new "DWORD (32-bit) Value," and then rename it to EnableMtcUvc and set the value data is 0 (keep the default) . The fourth step, the user needs to restart the file explorer explorer. exe. If you want to revert to Windows 10 default volume control interface, then restart it after just delete EnableMtcUvc explorer. exe can. Let the anti-virus software icon borrow In Windows 10, Microsoft Windows Defender is still built as the default antivirus software. However, Windows Defender program icon is basically not appear on the taskbar, and this is because Microsoft's "rigged." In fact, users can from the registry of the Windows Defender icon back. Before the operation, the user is able to make a backup of the registry files. First, the user needs to enter regedit in Cortana search bar and press Enter to open the Registry Editor. The second step, the user needs to locate HKEY_CURRENT_ in Registry Editor USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. The third step, the user needs a new string value and rename it to Windows Defender. The fourth step, the user needs to set the following numerical data for the string value: "% ProgramFiles% \Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe" -runkey. The fifth step, the user needs to click OK after the restart file explorer explorer. exe or log re-login, after which it will find that Windows Defender icon has appeared in the task bar. Setting improve endurance by system Today, more and more people choose to complete all kinds of things in a windows 10 key sale variety of mobile portable devices including mobile phones, tablet PCs and laptops. In these devices, the most affected is the battery life of productivity, although in recent years, battery technology has been greatly improved, but it is generally expected from some distance. In Windows 10, Microsoft to improve the battery life made considerable efforts, which is particularly worth mentioning is the power saving mode. Only with battery power saving mode Tablet PC or laptop to appear. Users can find the "power saving mode" in the setting of the system, then you need to set it up. After entering the "power saving mode settings" page, users first need to select the power saving mode automatically open when power falls below a certain value, and then choose not to receive push notifications from applications in power saving mode, then select a power saving mode Under the screen automatically reduces brightness, and finally you can also choose to add an exception for certain applications, when in power-saving mode, these applications can run in the background and can send and receive push notifications. In addition, users also need to find the "Power and sleep" in the setting of the system. In the display settings, you need to turn off the screen will automatically set the time to five minutes or less in the case of using a battery case. Sleep settings, automatically goes to sleep when the user needs to use the battery time to 10-15 minutes. If you are using a tablet-type device, then the best you can set the time shorter. Connected Standby tablet-type device supports Windows sleep mode, allowing the device to stay under best win 10 key sale the sleep WiFi connection, without this requirement, the user can turn off to save power. In special cases, the user can turn off all network-connected devices to reduce battery consumption. Users need to click Action Center taskbar button, and then click the shortcut button on flight mode, this time there will be a plane taskbar icon. In addition, users can also turn off some unwanted effects to reduce battery consumption, such as turning off the taskbar, Start menu, the operations center of the background transparent effects.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Microsoft's new Windows eight Inventory System Characteristics 10

Satya Nadella as Microsoft CEO in over a year on the occasion, in Beijing January 22 simultaneous global release of next-generation operating system Windows 10, which is Microsoft want to achieve take-all size of the device with a single operating system for an important weapon that can be used PC, smart phones, tablet PCs, Xbox and even wearable devices. Microsoft has released a new version of the new features of Windows 10 at the end of January, and will be launched the mobile version of Windows 10 released in February.
On the conference, Microsoft's new operating system Windows 10, Terry Myerson, senior vice president of Microsoft's operating systems engineering department opening, he pointed out that Windows 10 new features that will have a more personalized design, and the use of more natural interaction interface, but also for enterprises to bring more security. Terry Myerson representation, Windows 10 will also be a service, not just aimed at the personal computing equipment, but also to look at the Internet of Things (IoT) market. To enhance the operating system's market share, Microsoft's big fight card to expand the penetration of free, prior, Apple in October 2014 when the launch of OS X Yosemite version also taken similar free upgrade policy. win 10 key sale online Terry Myerson said that in the first year after the release of Windows 10, open Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone 8.1 version of the old users a free upgrade to Windows 10. However, he also warns that not all devices support older operating systems can successfully upgrade, especially the pre-installed Windows 7 obsolete equipment. Terry Myerson, announced Microsoft's vision is to become a Windows service (Windows as a Service), and not only an operating system, therefore, to support various types of equipment can continue to upgrade to the new version will be one of Microsoft's important commitments, and by free way, but also to attract more developers to the Windows platform, the development of various windows-based applications. In this paper, several major features inventory of Windows 10: Cortana Microsoft Huna intelligent assistant boarded the desktop New features in Windows 10, in addition to disclose before the return of the familiar Start menu, as well as to create new Action Center provides quick set also notify the information center, but as expected, Windows 10 will be built into Microsoft Huna voice assistant, PC and notebook finally can use natural language interface to interact with Cortana, a user may Cortana managed aircraft flight information, search computer local information, voice control and other functions. Uniform Application debut In addition, Microsoft Windows 10, to create a series of unified application (Universal Apps), for example, a user Office suite, Word, Excel and PowerPoint end App, in addition to the desktop environment, can also be used on mobile phones and tablets, Joe Belfiore representation, Office App these touch devices will support wireless printing capabilities. Meanwhile, Microsoft launched a new photo App, users can directly edit photos, such as fix red-eye photos, photos, you can also synchronize with Microsoft storage service OneDrive. Joe Belfiore demonstrated Contacts App (People App), you can more easily communicate with friends, video, etc., as well as new music App, Microsoft One Drive in a few months you can synchronize your music collection. These new applications across PC and mobile phone.
In addition to Cortana and Universal App, Joe Belfiore announced third Windows 10 new features is to build a new browser, which is called the Spartan program browser, the official name of the undecided. In addition to the new generation of web design, and strengthen the more personalized notes, reading and sharing mechanism, for example, the user can directly on the page with a keyboard input or handwriting input notes, can create their own reading list for future repeat browse, but also can easily share notes with others or website. Spartan integration Xiaona Spartan browser and Microsoft Huna combination, such as weather conditions showed off the day in reading the history list, or query a restaurant address, Huna automatic query share a map or search menu food ingredient lists reference information and more. This combination allows users to improve browsing efficiency. In Windows 10 is also able to play Xbox games Gaming experience is a major highlight of this conference, Phil Spencer, Microsoft vice president in charge of Microsoft's global gaming products introduced Windows 10's gaming experience, a major feature of Windows 10 will be built into Xbox App, from the Start menu, you will find this application.
Users can also interact with friends on Xbox Live, at the same time, Microsoft also live demonstrations of the game. In addition, Windows 10 also supports the new DirectX 12, developers can strengthen the control of the CPU and GPU, Phil Spencer said that up to the game performance increase of about 50%. Another new feature is the game screen recording function GameDVR, can record 30 seconds video, but also to share with friends. Windows 10 can play games on Xbox One desktop streaming technology, Phil Spencer said is tantamount to all XBox games can be played on the PC. Of course the premise windows 10 key sale is to have Xbox One consoles. One large computer equipment Surface Hub Microsoft released the new features in addition to software, and also released a 84-inch oversized machine Surface Hub, and its own brand of holographic virtual glasses HoloLens. Surface Hub support 4K HD videos, as well as multi-touch or pen touch, equipped with dual cameras, microphones and speakers, not only can be used to make phone calls, brainstorming notes, it can also be multiplayer video conferencing, screen sharing whiteboard and so on, even when using the Surface Hub meeting participating departments can also share individual images on pushing information to screen tablet or computer equipment. Virtual glasses HoloLens Microsoft this conference unexpectedly launched wearable holographic virtual optical products HoloLens, users see the screen through the glasses, like in the real world AR world superimposed on the screen of virtual augmented reality technology, Microsoft, Further new products can create interactive 3D stereoscopic virtual object, the user can see the holographic images, and hear the sound through HoloLens will have a sense of space. Currently, the US member of the NASA Mars program has begun with this HoloLens glasses to carry out scientific research.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Win10 advent of the full moon reflected great value free upgrade policy

Microsoft officially launched Windows 10 has more than a month, and now the Windows 10 desktop operating systems have dominated the 5% market share. Such a speed not only be able to describe with fast, is simply unprecedented rate. Windows 8 reached such a level took about six months. Even Windows than Windows 8 has less divisive 7, received a warm welcome and is considered an antidote Windows Vista, also spent a few months in order to achieve the same level of use. This number is absolutely a very high standard, Microsoft announced last week seventy-five windows 10 key million users to install Windows 10. Windows 8 released a month later, only forty million licenses sold, once again shows the relative popularity of the two operating systems. Even the number of firms version is also very encouraging. Microsoft rarely comes to these, it is difficult to establish a true comparison, but Microsoft still tell us 1.5 million installer is Windows10 Enterprise Edition. This is the only available software assurance license, although it is only a small part of the installed base, but it has great significance. When referred to the major operating system upgrade, business users are more likely too conservative. There are many companies only in the last year to complete the systems do not use Windows XP. 1.5 million users insist that the existence of common interests meaningful new operating system, which is Windows 8 can never really have. Of course, we also hope that with its previous Windows10 any different because of its price before the system is not the same. This seventy-five million users almost no one could spend a penny for the update. Until next year in July, for Windows 7 and 8 Home and Professional Edition users is free. With active Software Assurance agreement for business users, the latest version of the operating system without additional charges it is always available. Windows has never been a major version release of Windows Update to everyone who implemented. Although this process is still not perfect, but it certainly is a brave move, Microsoft, large-scale testing has never been tested Windows Update. Given the previously popular advice is not to upgrade the system, but the implementation of a new installation, these upgrade the overall achievement is still very significant. If nothing else, Windows 10 already told us the main version of Windows upgrade. If the Windows win 10 key sale online service model proved to be successful, major upgrade version of Windows will not be needed. Microsoft's internal testing, including inviting employees to bring their old crappy hardware to test the upgrade process, seems to have paid dividends. But still there are many difficulties to overcome. Microsoft will not let Windows 10 free upgrade just for fun. As shown above, Windows users actually quite dispersed. The main users are then Windows 7, the rest dispersed among users Windows XP, as well as Windows 8 and now Windows 10. When Microsoft wants to store as much as possible to stimulate the development of Windows, this is a big problem; the best way is not close to the Windows user is to ignore the traditional old-fashioned shops and build Win32 applications. If market share is the opposite, assuming Windows10 represent about 60% of the desktop market, the other located in Windows7,8 there may never disappear Windows XP zombie powder, that scene will change, there will be together with the application store resume enhance and better target software. The purpose is to stimulate the transformation of a free upgrade, this month, this is a very correct decision; Windows 7 and 8.1 the number of users has decreased, in turn promote the increase of Windows 10. Windows XP is not eligible for an upgrade, it looks do not have any change. Some might say that the old user it is the most worthy upgrade, if the stimulus upgraded to support end of the event, it is hard to imagine that they will upgrade the new operating system. Microsoft's ambition is great; the goal although each mentioned different, but broadly speaking, Microsoft is hoping in the next two years to have one billion users of Windows 10, which requires two-thirds of the current Windows user to do Good conversion. That is not impossible, but it is not an easy task. Two billion users upgrade the operating system, which is forty million a month. This means that Microsoft needs to maintain the Windows 10 installation rate conversion rate while achieving Windows 8. In the first few months of operating system upgrades often represent a high level; after six months running, Windows 8 monthly average dropped to sixteen million user installation. We certainly hope that the new operating system Windows 8 faster than the absorption capacity, but still want to install Microsoft speeds up to more than double, and continues to this level every month. In short, Windows10 first month off to a good start, but the future is still a long way to go. We want to continue occasionally pay attention to this new operating system, the continuing impact of watching free upgrades and witness how Microsoft approaches its one billion installation target.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Detailed install Microsoft Office2013 limit for the computer without re-buy

Recently, there are many online end-user license agreement on Office 2013 (especially for Office 2013 can be installed on a single PC device) issues discussed. Wednesday, solve this problem on its official blog, Microsoft Office for the corresponding clarification. Jevon Fark, senior marketing manager for Microsoft Office, in a blog post, wrote: Office2013 installation permissions ProductKeyCard version of Office2010, this means that the software can only be installed on a single PC device. Fark added that if consumers buy the Office 2013 and has not been installed on a PC, then you can contact Microsoft Support to obtain immunity install Office 2013 on another one PC, which means that if office 2013 key you want to change computer, install Office 2013 is not required to re-buy, you can contact Microsoft for activation. It is reported that, Office2010 home and Student Edition full packaged product versions are available on 3 PC installation, Home Business Edition and Professional Edition can be installed on 2 PC, and all have the right to transfer. In other words, if consumers want to install Office programs on more than office 2013 one PC, you can consider buying the old version of the FPP version of Office2010. In addition, Office 365 Home Premium Edition can be installed on up to five devices, one year at a cost of $ 99.99 (about 624 yuan). The university version can be installed in two computers, and have the right to transfer

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Microsoft started selling 0ffice2010

Microsoft last week in China, for business users to Office 2010 as the core of a new generation of business software platform, and revealed for individual users Office 2010 Home and Student Retail version will be June 18 to 398 yuan for sale. However, the official release of Office 2010 at the same time, the Internet has been pirated outflow. Office 2010 aimed at cloud computing Simon Leung, chairman and CEO of Microsoft Greater China, expressed, Office 2010 is built on the basis of cloud computing on a new generation of commercial software development platform, before the official release, the world has more than 800 million users of the software Beta, China's test users has reached 450,000. A new generation of Office software can be used on transboundary computers, mobile phones, browsers are three user interface, via Office Web Apps, Outlook Social Connector, SharePoint Intranet Sites and SharePoint Communities and other software that allows business users to share Office in the Internet environment document, implement coordination office. Wherein the online version of Office Web Apps to users free of charge, users only need to use Hotmail account login will be able to use the online version of Office, the move is undoubtedly Google's online document service launched a counterattack. Enterprise Edition is priced to keep prices low and flexible Personal Edition Microsoft's Information Worker Business Group, general manager of Greater China, Eunice office 2010 key Chiou said that the current commercial users for Office 2010 Enterprise Edition price is still research, "need to see customer acceptance, enterprises bulk purchase price will be different in different versions of the authorization , mainly to see the number and manner of authorization "for government procurement projects have special price support policies. Meanwhile, Eunice Chiou for individual users revealed Office 2010 Home and Student Edition will be available on June 18, "including three computers licensed version of the price is 398 yuan, consistent with Office 2007", consumers in June 15 Office 2010 will be able to start booking Home and Student Edition through various sale channels. In the official release of Office 2010 at the same time, the Internet has been pirated outflow. Reporters found that recently a number of Of-fice 2010 "God Key" circulated on the Internet, users in order to permanently activate Office 2010, but over time, these "God Key" is gradually fail. At the same time, there are some other methods to bypass Microsoft authentication mechanisms appear, the user is free to use a maximum of Office 2010 180 天

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Microsoft conscience! Free upgrade within a year Win10 Win7 8.x

Win7 upgrade to Win10 and Win8.x much money to spend? On Win10 Beijing at 1:00 on January 22, 2015 at the "The Next Chapter" conference buy win 7 key finally has an official answer! All genuine Win7 and Win8.x users within one year of free upgrade to Win10
Microsoft this time really is quite enough conscience, you know, when Win7 upgrade Win8 have windows 8 key received several yuan upgrade costs, and time is only a month or so. This time, giving the user time to slowly consider a year, and can be a free upgrade Win7 Win10!
If you consider a year to let you continue using Win7 or Win8.x, that Microsoft really is a failure. In addition, the mobile phone version of Windows Phone 8.1 can upgrade windows 10 key sale for free within a year to Win10, which can be described as gospel Windows Phone mobile phone ah. You know, when Windows Phone 7.x phones are not able to upgrade to Windows Phone 8 ...... Well, there are genuine Win7 and Win8 key friends, wait for Windows 10 RTM official version to come.

Win7 installation resolve common errors and easily method using Win7

Bubble network software channel on November 24 read a lot of reports about Microsoft Windows7 system, so a lot of XP users also want to upgrade the system to use Win7, but worried Win7 installation process to meet this kind of problem, always hesitant wandering In Win7 gate. In fact, here to tell you may rest assured that try, because if you install Win7 Home Edition, then really very simple, follow the instructions step by step to the successful completion of the installation and use Win7 there is a big advantage, it is almost without pipe XP era driver problem worries, even if encountered some minor problems need not be afraid, first met error may tell you without having to worry about you! Question 1: screen Please wait ... wait for a long time no movement Solution: This is a Win7 installation starts installer prompt loading. If windows 7 key the card can not go on in this place, check the computer hardware is working properly. But if the computer itself configure the lower, you may have to wait, Shaoanwuzao. Question 2: Screen stuck in Setup is copying temporary files ... Solution: This is installed Win7 system temporary files are being copied, generally take some time, please be patient, as long as you confirm that your computer hardware is no problem on the line. Question 3: You must be an administrator to install Windows. Workaround: see this message that you do not at this time in order to operate a computer administrator account, access is not enough, so I can not install Win7 system, you need to restart after an administrator account to log in and then install. Question 4: Windows could not load required file The file may be corrupt To hotsale windows 7 key install Windows, restart the installation Error code:... 0x% 2 X!! Workaround: this prompt, on behalf of Windows to load the file may have been corrupted, you can restart the computer and try again. Also check the MD5 ISO are the same, there may be circumstances ISO file damage appear, so we must ensure that the best iOS download from the Microsoft official, has been modified to avoid using the ISO file to install Win7. Question 5: This version of Windows is for a 32-bit machine and can not run on the current 64-bit operating system. Workaround: This problem is due to install 32-bit Win7 system users on the 64 machine caused if you are using a 32-bit machine, download ios documents must be careful when downloading the installation file corresponding to 32, in order to avoid waste the time to download the file. Question 6: Windows could not create temporary folder [% 1 s!!] Make sure you buy windows 7 key have permission to create this folder, and restart the installation Error code:.. 0x% 2 X!! Solution: This is representative of Windows can not create a temporary folder, make sure you first have to create permissions for the folder, and restart the installation. Best before because the process of installing Win7's Windows requires at least 2GB of space to store temporary files, install the system to check whether your computer has enough disk space to install Win7 system.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Microsoft: Do not modify the Win10 registry

In recent weeks, there has been a technique online, by modifying the Windows 10 registry, you can see the new win 10 key sale version has not been released. Now, this method is confirmed 100 victims without a benefit. Microsoft Windows Insider Project windows 10 key sale Director Gabriel Aul on the official Twitter that if you press another way to modify the registry circulated on the Internet, then you will not get the next version. "Note that if you have Windows 10 to do so, which is equivalent to obtain update feature turned off." If you have deft modify the registry key, it hotsale windows 10 key can be repaired in accordance with the method provided by Microsoft: You can use these commands and administrative command prompt (Windows Key + X, select Command Prompt (Admin)): reg add "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ WindowsSelfHost \ Applicability" / v "BranchName" / d "fbl_release" / t REG_SZ / f reg add "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ WindowsSelfHost \ Applicability" / v "ThresholdRiskLevel" / d "low" / t REG_SZ / f reg delete "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ WindowsSelfHost \ Applicability" / v "ThresholdInternal" / f reg delete "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ WindowsSelfHost \ Applicability" / v "ThresholdOptedIn" / f After performing repair, your system will return to normal, to receive future updates.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Installed will not use? Fun Windows10 four characteristics

From Windows10 released until now, it has been more than a month. Microsoft said: Within a month, there are 75 million single PC OS update itself as Windows10, and a daily growth rate of 10%. In this 75 million units have been upgraded to Windows 10 device, there are more than 150 million devices running the Enterprise Edition SKU. Such results, visible Windows10 launch is successful. Microsoft also to adapt to the user, the system itself has been a series of improvements. Most attention is necessary regression "Start" menu. Microsoft is not only to a return, the new Start menu is the biggest change in the new addition of the left column, this column joined the original tile start screen display, the user can place the original in the Windows 8 Start screen in the Start menu dynamic magnetic stickers can be placed. Users can flexibly adjust, increase delete dynamic magnetic stickers, magnetic stickers and even delete all, lets start menu return to the classic style. However, there is no surprise that much Win10? That's because you do not find these features! Virtual desktops come --OS X and Linux users
Virtual Desktop Virtual Desktop is a lot of OS X and Linux users Jiaokouchengzan function, and this function Windows10 version will also be embedded therein, and simple to use, simply press the shortcut button Win + tab. If you need further experience, you can proceed as follows: WIN + CTRL + LEFT (left) / RIGHT (right): Switch on or next desktops; WIN + CTRL + D: Create a new desktop; WIN + CTRL + F4: Closes the current desktop. Cortana (Huna) Personal Assistant - lazy necessary
I Xiaona As we all know, originally Huna Windows Phone smart voice assistant, now rely on Microsoft's huge user base, and the response is very good, Huna can access your personal information, then the information will be synchronized to the cloud, and used to perform useful a variety of tasks. Users can windows 10 key take advantage of Microsoft's Bing search engine to search for information, set reminders, phone calls, send text messages and so on. If you enter a file name, application name, or other content, Huna able to obtain local and Web search results quickly. If you're too lazy to enter, you can voice command operation. DirectX 12-- gamers Favorites DirectX12 full play to the advantages of multi-threading APU absolutely huge increase of AMD processors. Especially in the face of Intel's multi-core no hyperthreading and less amount of time. With the help of DirectX 12 under game developers can more closely than ever to the underlying API, and dig as much as possible the potential of multi-core CPU. Under the same hardware, compared to DirectX 11 to enhance game performance up to 50%, especially for those limited by the CPU performance of open games. Page 2: Microsoft monopolized cause It can be said, DirectX12 let you stand next game peak, experience new technology brings awesome gaming experience. (Tucao look, DirectX12 performance of the hardware requirements are relatively high, you do not update the hardware, cry ......) Dominate the arena - only Microsoft can do
Dominate the arena! Difficult to have such a versatile company like Microsoft, "soft and hard take-all." Microsoft's key businesses: software, no one can "hide under the covers open." From the phone, the operating system (including mobile phones, game consoles, computers and servers), search engines, games and office software. In 1998, windows 10 key sale about 95 percent of the world's personal computer operating systems are Microsoft Windows, the company's value reached $ 250 billion. Because both Microsoft software and hardware for each platform, there are a huge number, high viscous user base, Microsoft can do: use a system to get through all devices. In fact, this is a relatively ideal situation, but starting from Windows10, Microsoft has begun to do so. If successful cross-platform, then Win 10 will be able to run on almost all mobile terminals, tablet, desktop PC and Xbox One and the like.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Microsoft will before the end of 2025 to provide support for Windows 10

Tencent Digital News (Oncidium) Microsoft's new Windows-service strategy means it plans to continue to release updated Windows 10 package. Microsoft released via Windows Update will not only improve the update package Windows 10 security and stability, and also add new features to Windows 10. So, Microsoft will support Windows 10 in how long? It will be at least 5--10 years, or even longer. According to Liliputing website reported that Microsoft has updated Windows 10 support windows 10 key deadline in Windows lifecycle fact sheet. Microsoft says, Windows 10 deadline for mainstream support October 13, 2020, extending the deadline for support Oct. 14, 2025. This is reasonable, because Microsoft typically provides five years of mainstream support for the release of the operating system about 10 years of extended support. But Liliputing say, Windows 10 may be different, because it is clear that Microsoft has not released a new operating system in the near future plans to replace it. Although Microsoft generally provides an operating system 5 - 10 years of support, but also typically several years every new operating system release. Before Windows 10, Microsoft released Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 / ME and other versions of the Windows operating system. Liliputing noted that the steering Windows as a service policy means that Microsoft will windows 10 key sale indefinitely continue to update Windows 10 in the next few years, rather than release a new version of the operating system. If so, Microsoft extended support for Windows 10 deadline is not surprising. Windows 10 other difference. Microsoft said, because the Windows 10 release is cumulative update package rather than a service pack, it only supports computer installed the latest update package.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Little question the official version of Mac under Windows 10 Experience

Yesterday, Microsoft officially released the Windows 10 operating system, Windows 10 also free way to upgrade Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1 users a push. If you are not legitimate users (using various activation software activation system), now might be a good opportunity for a free whiten. If you are a Mac user, before using the Mac to install or upgrade Windows 10 may wish to look at this article, we encountered some minor problems in the course of the following and share. Since this test machine (released early 2015 MacBook Pro 13) is not installed in the Windows operating system, so we use the formal version of the system image complete the installation. Windows 8 is no difference with the previous installation, OS X Boot windows 10 key Camp make good use of Windows 10 boot disk and save Windows after the restart to support software installation interface, you need to allocate a good disk reformatted to NTFS format before you can proceed with the installation. There the entire installation process in two steps to enter the key, you can choose to skip the first, but the second must enter a KEY, we use the secret key assistant Tencent upgrade offer successfully installed Windows 10 operating system and into the desktop But the system has not been activated, or if you want to activate the system requires the use of secret key or other activation provided by Microsoft. Considering we just test the use of, so here is also not in-depth study. Then install the Windows Boot Camp provides support software, in theory, windows 10 key sales can restart after normal use operating system. After the restart using the Windows Device Manager to view the machine's hardware, all hardware drivers are already installed and working properly. But there are two points less than perfect, ready to install Windows 10 on your Mac users need to take note. Although all of the drivers have been installed, but 10 under the MacBook Windows Pro does not support (HDMI interface is not tested) DP interface, multi-screen output, Windows can not detect the monitor has been connected to other, presumably driven problem. Before you install Windows 8 test is not the issue. Use the Windows Device Manager integrated update feature to update the graphics driver after driver problem solving, recognized as a normal graphics card Iris 6100. When entering the operating system setup user accounts we first set up a local account without a password, when we log on the Microsoft account and try to change the administrator account for the Microsoft account Huna the user interface, Windows prompt us to enter the local accounts password, but our local account password is not directly point to determine can not be skipped, enter any character is not a password. The third problem encountered in my experience is that Windows trackpad gestures under windows 10 key 10 can not be activated. Windows 10 introduced a number of convenient trackpad gestures, such as three fingers slipped minimize all active windows, the plan to restore the window; you can also use three fingers draw activate Task View interface; three fingers left and right stroke stroke switching applications. The trackpad gestures and OS X is very similar to the experience in the previous meeting we had on Surface Pro 3 successfully implement these functions, but the Mac can not breath these features, presumably the reason remains a driver problem. But the problem we seem to only wait for Apple to solve

Friday, August 28, 2015

Piracy Genuine activation code can not be trusted to select the most assured Win7

Insiders believe that these hackers completely cracked activation or Microsoft's Genuine Software Licensing System --- and this is quite difficult, Microsoft will promptly plugging loopholes; or is activated through illegal channels, available from Microsoft's internal yards. According to reports, in order to combat windows 7 key piracy, Microsoft's anti-piracy measures started from 2008. As long as users use pirated Windows operating system, the computer network, the system prompts the user to enter the serial number of genuine software, also known as activation, otherwise the operating system some of the features will be disabled, it will directly affect the user's normal use. In these shops, most stores are described in said activation is unique and can only be activated on one computer, and some also claim unlimited activated on the same computer, which with genuine system activation mechanism is consistent a. The user who had the buying experience, said, These keys cheap windows 7 key can indeed be networked activated, but when reinstall the system, the activation code may no longer use, can only buy or use another hack again. Therefore, using these activation code and can not really be assured, and even if the system is shown as genuine authority, in fact, when the system encounters against and cause data loss, etc., and Microsoft can not enjoy the same service as genuine. Microsoft Windows 7 system on a version for personal consumption into Windows 7 Home Basic, the lowest of Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, genuine prices have more than two hundred yuan, while the Ultimate price It is as high as two thousand yuan, which for many domestic users, is spending a small fortune, so only the activation space pirate to survive, and in particular the pursuit of domestic users Ultimate, Home Basic Edition is mainly pre-installed on computer sales, when users buy a computer, it is possible to turn the pre-installed genuine system to replace pirated Ultimate. The other is some users do not know their computer is genuine system installed, when system problems, or when you want to use Microsoft services, will find themselves Win7 system is not genuine, for damages also regret late. So, here we also recommend you first select the genuine Win7 system, and through the windows 7 key sale official Microsoft Genuine validation. Do not believe the so-called activation code online sales, thus experiencing the collapse of the system, and even cause damage to property at the time of the transaction, there is no person responsible for it. If you are planning to buy a computer, we must recognize there is genuine Windows 7 marked on the computer, and do not believe the business called free upgrade to other versions. Microsoft in the summer combines many domestic businesses to offer promotions, but also for many consumers to benefit needy students can now go to your nearby store to consulting, such as Suning, the US commitment, paraelectric, Hongtusanbao like, or Like students can go online shopping Jingdong Mall, New Egg Network and other purchase, Microsoft is still the official Microsoft site to establish a flagship store, Jingdong Mall address Microsoft's official flagship store is: http: //sale.360buy.c New Egg China Microsoft official flagship store address: Another good news is that later this year from June 2 to 31 January 2013 pre-installed Genuine Windows 7-based PCs, you can Win8 released until after the February 2013 online exchange and purchase upgrades Offer 28 days ago just 98 yuan will be able to have Win8 Pro edition. The upgrade program can access detailed Jingdong Mall (, understanding and participation in activities Windows 8 Upgrade Offer.